The core activities of NTIS are concentrated to provide customers with a wide array of solutions, products and services related to telecommunications and information security solutions.
The experience and knowledge gained over many years of cooperating with local and national high-tech companies led NTIS to develop high-level services to its customers.
NTIS offers the best and latest solutions, products and services that are designed and adapted to meet the specific needs of customers.
Our company, NTIS, has been taken upon itself to provide the latest and the best security solutions for their customers.


NTIS provides its customers a full range of security solutions ranging from the drafting of security strategies and security of networks and communications, to providing the security equipment.
The advanced technologies we have in information security provides effective solutions that enable private and governmental companies to surpass security challenges and ensure business growth.


Make accurate and continuous research into the development of telecommunications and information devices to keep pace with the evolution of market requirements, through a high qualified team of researchers and engineers.
Research and development fields:

  • Strategic components and parts and basic techniques in information security
  • Products and next-generation wired and wireless communications systems technologies
  • Wired and wireless networking protocols
  • Software systems and applications design


Production of secure and high-tech efficiency telecommunications equipment through the use of the finest composites and concern for the employment of experienced engineers and technicians, as well as emphasizing the strict control of product quality within international quality standards for products with outstanding performance and high reliability.