NTIS (National Company of Telecommunications and Information Security) is a leading Saudi company in the field of research and development, production, support and telecommunications and information security solutions. Since its founding in 2006 in Riyadh, NTIS succeeded to be one of the most active companies in the field of communications and information security. Thanks to its vision and anticipatory strategy of the market requirements, as well as to the team work of a distinguished group of Saudis researchers, engineers and technicians with a high scientific and technical rehabilitation. NTIS also prides itself for its distinct status and strong relations with partners and actors in the field of communications and information security, which is a field characterized by dynamism and a special structuring that require a continuous development and effective partnerships to provide the best and highest quality services to customers.


NTIS is keen to provide a range of integrated services to ensure the fastest and highest quality response to our customers’ requirements and guarantee their satisfaction which is our main priority.
Given the dynamic and rapid development that knows the field of communications and information; the development and modernization of highly efficient devices for telecommunications and information security solutions is an urgent need to ensure secure communications systems and the confidentiality of information in a highly competitive and sensitive fields.


The strong commitment to our values of quality, professionalism and competency valuation, is one of the methods of achieving our success in satisfying our customers, partners and community.
Our vision is to become the leader in the field of telecommunications and information security that offers the best and most effective solutions and services to local and regional clients, and to make our work in parallel, a societal value through the engagement of all our employees in this high orientation.
To hold the lead in the research and production of the telecommunications and information security systems and keep up with the rapid development of the field is what we are working to achieve through networking with partners, attending scientific meetings (conferences, courses, exhibitions), anticipating the market needs in advanced security solutions for telecommunications and information equipment according to the technical development of these devices and promoting knowledge-based economy in the field of information security.


Providing the best telecommunications and information security services for our customers in order to facilitate and ensure the protection and confidentiality of their work systems. NTIS is aware that achieving this mission is based on organizational, managerial and marketing accurate bases such as: the focus on core competencies, the development of a flexible strategy and reduce regulatory bottlenecks and the development of close relationships with customers and partners.